SpiderForest Anthology: Threads Vol. 5 – Creatures

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Threads: Creatures is a 142-page collection of  19 standalone short comics, through the realms of magical deer, Buddhist snakes, Victorian lizards and space lobsters.

Stories included in this anthology are:

The Pact by Denise Randall of Darwin Comics – A young elf and a unicorn make a pact that spans years.  Innocence gives way to duty as the two grow up in each other’s company.

DMV by Christina Major of Sombulus – The DMV (Department of Monster Vehicles) is a real zoo, and getting your monster licensed can be a harrowing experience. Will Reggie the Mothemander crash and burn, or will he pass with flying colors?

Yasha Lizard Ruins the Neighborhood by Kristina Stipetic of Alethia – Yasha Lizard is looking for a nicer place to live, and a nice mammal family is looking for a tenant in order to qualify for a new government assistance program.

Royal Pain by Jen Zyren Smith of LaSalle’s Legacy. A young noblewoman yearns for a challenge.

The White Doe by Sophie Pfrötzschner of Soul’s Journey – A lifelong quest to hunt the fabled white doe comes to an unexpected end.

Ssstudy by Maiji/Mary Huang of Now Recharging – Sssmall snake learnsss something.

Starlight by Lee Colagiacomo of Children of Shadow: Ashes – An old wolf embarks on a long journey to reunite with his mate.

Inner Nature by Kelsey (Nutty) Peterson of Court of Roses – Our bardic friends need masks for an upcoming animal-themed masquerade gig! But what creatures do they resonate with the most?

Adrift by Andy Purviance of I, Mummy. A well-meaning critter tries to rescue a woman lost at sea.

Pphnarg the Philatelist by Helen Greetham of Earth in a Pocket and The Wyrm Turns – A grandma has to look after her half-dragon grandson overnight.

Wild Rover by Jon Walker of The Back o’ Beyond – Terrence accompanies his friend Fang to the Half-Moon bar to celebrate the first full moon of the year.

Creatures Is Just A Matter Of Perspective by MJ Alexander and WW Rose of The Stoop Gallants – Sino meets a fellow adoptive parent.

Abigail by Shea Britton of Magefront – A hunter finds something unusual caught in his trap.

Ghost by Anthea West of Fate – A creature called an All Skin or “ShapeChanger” finally reveals themselves to the only person they ever considered their friend. A story based in the world of Fate.

Gall of a Gull by Gheralf & Vayandil of Realm of Owls – Young city gull grows up to be a mean thief.

Monster Hunt by Niina Eveliina of Numb – After reading a scary story, a girl has trouble sleeping. She asks her friends from under the bed to look out for scary monsters in the house

Alley Cats by Ally Rom Colthoff of Chirault – Teeko gets lost on the mean streets of Aerquist City.

Re:Past by Kai Potyondy of Arbalest – Seefa shares a quiet moment with her brother, and remembers an old story about a god.

A Peeira by Shizamura of O Sarilho – A shepherd hunts for a wolf witch.

Nest by Felix Wright of From the Machine – A young adventurer and her companion find a little lost critter and decide to help.


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