SpiderForest Anthology: Threads Vol. 1

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Threads is a 132-page original comic anthology by the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective. Featuring 18 short standalone comics, this anthology includes short standalone comics in a variety of genres, from fantasy to cyberpunk to surreal, all incorporating spiders or forests in some way.

Stories included in this anthology are:

Spider Problem by Ewa U. (Bits Fair): A large green spider appears in the sky above a desert town.

what it takes: Prequel by KEZ (What It Takes): Survival is never the easiest option.

Aranea by Katherine Lang (Soul To Call): In an oppressive, post-apocalyptic world, two sisters search for stars.

Something More by Kat Feete (Sunset Grill): The cyberadept Spider hunts a thief… and lands a dilemma.

Title Unrelated: Extra by G Pike (Title Unrelated): The cast of Title Unrelated stumbles into a sticky situation.

Idle Hands by Julia Francis (Chronicles of Oro): Mischievous twins disrupt their friend’s afternoon nap with magical shenanigans.

Shadow of the Past by Sophie Pfrötzschner (Soul’s Journey): A patrol of guards gets trapped like flies in a spider’s web.

The Spider And The Thorn by Monica N. Galvan (Moonslayer): A sage turns to dark magic to save the woman she loves.

On Average, You Eat Seven Spiders A Year by Varethane (Chirault): While camping out, Teeko deals with an eight-legged visitor.

Earthlight by Mathieu Moyen (6Commando): Man meets machine in a battle on the Moon.

Castoff: Extra by Star Prichard (Castoff): Vector must learn to face his fears on a journey through the woods.

The Oil-Bag Man by Sidney Maris Hargrave (Heracles Knot): A wanderer, a bag of magic oil, and cacti.

The Trees of Aav Amur by Leah Potyondy-Edens (Arbalest): A young woman decides that you don’t need a temperate climate to have nice trees.

Spiderwoman’s SpiderForest by A. Laraine Steele (The Ferrin): 3 kids, one intiation dare, one spiderlady, and maybe a snake.

Maera’s New Friend by Tiffany Munro (Stargazer’s Gate): Spiders are friends!

Director’s Cut by Nick Perkins (Cooties): The kids try to create a short film. It doesn’t go well.

Awakenings by Kristen Kiomall-Evans (XII: Of Magic and Muses): Go back to where the wheel first turned and change is the most powerful tool of all.

Dear Spiderling by EmmaMexi (The Sundown Boys): A witch creates a spell for a loved one.

Spider Warrior by Denise Randall (Gemutations: Plague): A spider warrior’s life is never a dull one.

The Forest of Madness by Colby Purcell (Lintier): The party travels the highly dangerous path to Lord Orthridge’s Castle.



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